Our company is affiliated to the association, the largest Swiss association for financial reporting, controlling and accounting since 1936

We work with compliance to Swiss FATCA law and recognised as Certified deemed-compliant Foreign Financial Institution (FFI). A Swiss FATCA law was enacted on the basis of this intergovernmental agreement (the so-called Swiss FATCA Agreement) , which came into effect on 30 June 2014.

This implies that Apex FiduTrust AG conforms to Swiss and international norms with respect to the financial market legislation, and that it is subject to rigorous and regular controls.

These rules include an independent review of all business activities by an approved auditor AML Revisions AG.

AML Revisions AG has offices in Baden, Bern, Buchs SG, Geneva, Lucerne, Lugano and Zurich and supports over 350 financial intermediaries in Switzerland.